Audio CD 3 Disc Set

Audio CD 3 Disc Set
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This is a 3 disc CD set, that includes the following titles:

Love That Never Fails

True love doesn’t collapse under pressure or fall apart in the hard times. How can we experience and practice that kind of love? Mary shares her story and explains how to define, discover, and experience unconditional love. Her message will help you choose:

  • Commitment, instead of comfort, to experience enduring relationships.
  • Forgiveness over revenge to control anger.
  • Sacrifice, instead of self-indulgence, to become more giving.
  • Confrontation, rather than retreat, to deal with and successfully resolve conflict


How To Avoid The Pits

Mary Southerland knows from experience that life is filled with many kinds of pits; the loss of parents, sexual abuse, clinical depression, health challenges, but has emerged from each pit with a deeper joy and greater strength. In this message, Mary will help you learn how to:

  • Direct and train your thoughts in order to prevent chaos and defeat and encourage peace and victory in your daily life
  • Use your words as tools instead of weapons in order to build healthy relationships
  • Deal with sin in order to avoid the painful life consequences of disobedience to God
  • Identify and eliminate wrong habits that result in stress
  • Learn how to find joy in the midst of sorrow


Escaping The Stress Trap

You can’t eliminate stress, but you can learn to control stress before it controls you. Mary Southerland transforms the promises of the Twenty-third Psalm into easy-to-implement, practical steps that will hand you the keys to stress management. Imagine facing each day knowing how to:

  • Take charge of anxiety-filled moments in order to manage and control your stress level.
  • Maximize your physical energy and decrease stress levels by eating the right foods.
  • Choose the correct attitude toward your job in order to be successful in your work.
  • Respond correctly to anger, fear, and depression with healthy emotions that manage stress.