Book/CD Set: Sandpaper People + The Power of Forgiveness

Book/CD Set: Sandpaper People +  The Power of Forgiveness
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Sandpaper People - Book

The unwanted intrusion of a nosy neighbor... the exasperating antics of the teenager who constantly pushes your buttons... the infuriating behavior of a co-worker. Mary Southerland has encountered her share of abrasive people, and learned the secrets to dealing with those kinds of people. Imagine if you know how to:

  • Confront someone constructively to make your relationships more meaningful.
  • Discipline your responses to difficult people to eliminate their control in your life.
  • Address the sandpaper tendencies in your own life to become more compassionate.

The Power of Forgiveness- Audio CD

Do you believe that it really is possible to forgive and forget? When I am wounded or betrayed, my first reaction is sometimes cloaked in revenge or retaliation. I don't want to forget - I want to get even. When we refuse to forgive someone, we are handing them the keys to our life and making them our jailer. I know that forgiveness may seem impossible at times. And it is - unless you factor in God and His grace. "The Power of Forgiveness" is the message of God's power to forgive and God"s plan for unleashing that power in our lives.