Book/CD Set: Escaping the Stress Trap+ Laugh More - Live Better

Book/CD Set: Escaping the Stress Trap+  Laugh More - Live Better
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Book and CD Set

Escaping the Stress Trap Book

You can't eliminate stress, but you can learn to control stress before it controls you. Mary Southerland transforms the promises of the Twenty-third Psalm into easy-to-implement, practical steps that will hand you the keys to stress management. Imagine facing each day knowing how to:

  • Take charge of anxiety-filled moments in order to manage and control your stress level.
  • Maximize your physical energy and decrease stress levels by eating the right foods.
  • Choose the correct attitude toward your job in order to be successful in your work.
  • Respond correctly to anger, fear, and depression with healthy emotions that manage stress.

"Escaping the Stress Trap" is a story-filled, humorous, and helpful approach to dealing with the pressures of life. The chapter-by-chapter study guide is ideal for both personal and small group studies.

Laugh More...Live Better Audio CD

Mary Southerland swam against an undercurrent of unhappiness until she discovered how she was created for joy! ?Laugh More?Live Better? is a refreshing message filled humor and principles that will empower you to:

  • Minimize ?joy-stealers? in your life, such as stress, unrealistic expectations and harmful relationships.
  • Relish the benefits of joy, such as healing, strength, relaxation, and encouragement.
  • Adjust your focus to appreciate the small wonders that each day holds.