What Am I Doing in This Pit?

What Am I Doing in This Pit?
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We all face trials and hard times. It is safe to say that at some point in life, each one of us will have a “pit experience.” It may be a pit of our own making or it may be a pit God has allowed. But I can honestly say that the most powerful lessons of my life have been learned during the darkest times of my life. 

Some treasures are reserved for the darkness. Some lessons cannot be learned in the light. When we find ourselves sitting at the bottom of a pit, we need to look around and ask, “What am I doing in this pit?” 

Every pit has a purpose. Instead of looking for the nearest exit or frantically trying to claw our way out of the pit, we need to trust God, rest in Him and embrace the lesson He has for us to learn. We can then trust Him to deliver us. Sometimes He delivers us from the pit and sometimes He delivers us in it. But God will always come through. This four-week-study will help you:

  • Learn how to control your thought life
  • Learn how to guard your words
  • Learn how to stay focused on God
  • Learn how to harness the power of pain

Download this powerful four-week study today!  

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  • Ready to copy
  • Simple, practical and includes a helpful study guide

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